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4 Jun

IMG_6124 Although I love my West Elm media stand it was time for a little update. I look at my TV stand every single day (most likely for more hours than I should) so why not take it up a notch and make it something truly unique? Using the extra Tempaper left over from my new wallpaper job I was able to add some movement to this stationary furniture piece through a bold pattern.

IMG_6139After a little precise measuring, cutting and applying the Tempaper like you would contact paper, I felt like I had brand new piece of furniture. Sometimes a little update makes all the difference.IMG_6136 IMG_6121IMG_6149

22 May

IMG_5461My recent career move has left me working from home more often. A new career means a new desk. I had my eye on West Elm’s White Parsons Desk for the past two years and after convincing myself I needed more workspace I caved in and made the purchase. From a small dark wooden desk to a shiny lacquered one I went. After the parsons desk completely transformed my space, there was no looking back. A TPS white filing cabinet from CB2 provides extra storage and sleek look while a  Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Crescent Heights Armchair compliments the space with its’ bold color. And so the accessorizing began….IMG_5493

I wanted to add height to my apartment by building up with shelves. I needed shelves on a budget and found some simple white ones at my local Rainbow store for just $6 each. I found the brackets at the same store for under $5 a piece. I loved the pattern of the brackets, but they needed some jazzing up.  With some priming and spray paint they became a bit more fun and a bit more Lindsey.

IMG_5484IMG_5479Etsy artwork given to me on my last day by my lovely coworkers keeps me going and CB2’s gold pig bookends adds life to my shelves. Mason jars are an inexpensive help keep me organized. IMG_5495The Container’s Store brocade desk collection was the perfect fit for my new office look. A Sugar Paper Notepad helps to keep me on track and focused, while my DIY gold polka-dot lamp provides light for late night typing.

IMG_5494It’s amazing how a new clean space can give you a new perspective. Even though it’s just part of my living room, this once small corner with a pathetic little desk has transformed into a new “office”. Now all I need is a booster seat so my little assistant Chip can sit next to me and catch up on all his paperwork.



13 May

IMG_5287I’ve been slowly, but surely, updating my apartment. This week I’ve been focusing on my entryway. A stunning entryway table would be ideal, but seeing as I live in a small NYC apartment practical storage is a must. Keeping my budget in mind, two Container Store shoe organizers side by side were the way to go.  They serve as both storage and a bench. Not to mention, they are a great way to show off my shoe collection.

IMG_5297In addition to my shoe organizers turned bench I’ve been spending my days adorning my walls with Tempaper. I went with a modern gray and white pattern that travels from my dining room nook  (photos coming soon) down to my front door. I always have to incorporate a little gold into my designs so a framed chalkboard completes my new, improved and budget friendly entryway.

IMG_5290 IMG_5304

1 May

BEFORE & AFTERI discovered this chair at my local Housing Works  a few months ago. Even though it wasn’t much to look at, I was infatuated with the design of the circular shaped back. Thirty bucks later I was its proud owner. I followed the sanding and spray painting instructions on Finding Silver linings  and the upholstery advice of FamilyHandyMan and this was the result.


This was the perfect chair for my first refurbishing project, but I did learn a few things that I wish I had known when I began my chairventure.

1. Sanding is not overrated it is VERY important. As boring as it may be, sand, sand, sand!

2. Spray paint for both your primer and color is the way to go. I tried using paint primer and it was a disaster. Although it’s  complicated maneuvering spray paint in a NYC apartment (thank god for my balcony) paint can get gloppy when your furniture has lots of crevasses like mine did.

3. Always buy more cushioning then you need for your seat. Padding is key and I wish I had purchased more.


Salon Galley Wall

9 Apr

IMG_4616A year ago I decided to jazz up my New York apartment by creating a salon gallery wall of my own. Now, just over one year later, I’m giving my favorite wall a bit of an update. Although I’m lucky to have more light in my apartment than the typical New Yorker, my living room is still darker than most homes. In an effort to brighten up my living room I’ve been working  hard to incorporate more light neutrals and less dark patterns into my design. With a little primer and an ivory colored spray paint I transformed my frames and brightened up my living room.

IMG_4623In case you missed it last time, here are some tips for creating your own gallery wall:

*Color Scheme: I suggest sticking with an overall color scheme. Although I did add in some color, I decided to work mainly with ivory and gold frames. This gives your wall a sense of cohesiveness. You want everything to look like it belongs. I also love the way the ivory color pops against my grey walls. My ivory inspiration came from my coconut mirror, which you can see here.

*Don’t be afraid to play! Play with textures, shape, and color. Don’t stick with just a plain flat frame. Throw in a bold cut-out or even a circular frame to mix things up. Also, don’t forget about your lines! Be sure to play with vertical and horizontal frames.

*Add something other than art:  I went with a wall clock, but a small shelf display would work just as well.IMG_4619*Etsy is your best friend: I was able to find some great prints on this amazing website, including my Button U.S.A map and King Pug Newsprint.

*Get Resourceful: If you dont have the money or the resources to buy art, frame some printed paper or a design you like from a magazine. I ended up framing a wallpaper sample I had lying around (which you can see in the horizontal gold frame above).IMG_4627*Although you want your wall to appear to be thrown together, you still want to maintain a level “organized chaos”. In order to do this, lay all of your wall hangings on the floor before nailing anything down. Move things around until you find an arrangement that is truly eye-catching.

The beauty of the Salon Gallery Wall is that you can keep adding to it over time. As I continue to make memories in this city, I can continue to add to my wall.

Decor: Living Wall Art

28 Mar

Framed Case Wall Art TitleAfter removing my New Year’s wallpaper decorations back in January the walls surrounding my dining room nook look so barren and boring. I wanted something different from typical framed artwork so I brought some life to my walls with a framed vase installation. The entire process took me less than an hour and everything you need can be found around your home. Framed Vase Wall Art ExplanationIMG_4419IMG_4435IMG_4429

DIY: Frame Update

25 Mar

I bought three silver frames from my local Housing Works for $3, but when it came time to hang them the silver frame was not working for me. I needed an update to make these thrift store frames look like designer decor.
IMG_4366All you need for this project is your frame, scissors and the adhesive contact paper of your liking. I went with a simple blue checked pattern. Frame Update DIYInstead of using your typical family photos, I framed three shopping bags that I’ve collected over the years. IMG_4403The first frame is an apple picking bag from the local apple orchard in my hometown. The second is a shopping bag from my NYC hair salon. I love their silhouette logo so whenever I purchase my favorite shampoo, I also save my favorite bag. And finally, the third bag is an homage to one of my favorite designers. I’ve saved this Kate Spade bag since my sister bought me Kate Spade gloves for Christmas six years ago.

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