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1 Aug

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18 Jun

Recently I’ve been inspired not by a fabulous vase seen in a magazine, but rather by items I already have in my home. I own so many beautiful things, why not put them to good use? This tablescape in particular is definitely one of my favorites. I used three frames from my gallery wall as the centerpiece of this repurposed shabby chic inspired table.

Repurposed shabby chic tableThe largest frame acts as an anchor for the smaller gold ones. By framing a pink scarf I’m able to bring in a pop of color on my ivory canvas. Tall clear glass candleholders add height and ambience while mismatched plates set the shabby chic tone.

Frame tablescape 1I utilized my large bracelet collection by using them as unique napkin rings. I was able to bring in some turquoise with the bracelets to play off those quintessential pink and turquoise shabby chic colors.

Frame Tablescape 2

I cannot wait to use this idea for a large-scale event someday. By reusing three picture frames, an old scarf and some sparkly bracelets I was able to transform some old products into something new.

Decor: Living Wall Art

28 Mar

Framed Case Wall Art TitleAfter removing my New Year’s wallpaper decorations back in January the walls surrounding my dining room nook look so barren and boring. I wanted something different from typical framed artwork so I brought some life to my walls with a framed vase installation. The entire process took me less than an hour and everything you need can be found around your home. Framed Vase Wall Art ExplanationIMG_4419IMG_4435IMG_4429

DIY: Frame Update

25 Mar

I bought three silver frames from my local Housing Works for $3, but when it came time to hang them the silver frame was not working for me. I needed an update to make these thrift store frames look like designer decor.
IMG_4366All you need for this project is your frame, scissors and the adhesive contact paper of your liking. I went with a simple blue checked pattern. Frame Update DIYInstead of using your typical family photos, I framed three shopping bags that I’ve collected over the years. IMG_4403The first frame is an apple picking bag from the local apple orchard in my hometown. The second is a shopping bag from my NYC hair salon. I love their silhouette logo so whenever I purchase my favorite shampoo, I also save my favorite bag. And finally, the third bag is an homage to one of my favorite designers. I’ve saved this Kate Spade bag since my sister bought me Kate Spade gloves for Christmas six years ago.

Spring Has Sprung

21 Mar

Seeing that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, I was inspired to create some thrifty Easter decor that would not break the bank. I’m proud to say that I spent a total of  $14 on my Spring tablescape. Here’s how.IMG_4325

I got the idea of using bunny ears as place cards from my own bunny (my French Bulldog, Chip) with his little set of bat ears. Why not take advantage of this iconic Easter symbol by putting those vertical ears to good use? I created my place cards by using things I had around the apartment: white closepins, construction paper, scrapbook paper, markers and a hot glue gun.


Simply create a bunny ear stencil of your own like I did or use one of the many templates you can find using our friend Google. Cut out your ears, hot glue them to your closepins so they hold your place card in place. You have complete artistic freedom with your place cards. I personally went with monograms and played with stencils.

IMG_4339Nothing says Spring quite like Daffodils.IMG_4355Besides the flowers, candy and green grass I had everything else in my apartment. A soft linen tablecloth works perfectly for Spring. My recycled candle holder and painted mason jar act as nests for my chocolate eggs. I also reused my St. Patty’s Day paint sample napkin rings as well as my pink paint sample dot confetti.


It may not be the classiest tablescape in the world, but it reflects what Spring means to me. It’s pastel, pretty and playful.

Will You Be My Valentine?

12 Feb

This year my goal was to DIY my own valentines without spending any extra money. Using some scarp book paper, wooden skewers, twine and paint samples I was able to channel my inner child and create a handful of homemade Valentines. I consider my goal achieved.
Valentine's Day CardsIMG_3866IMG_3872IMG_3874

Valentine’s Day Inspirations

7 Feb

I am a huge advocate for Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to wear pink and eat chocolate is fine by me! With Valentine’s Day just one week away here are a few V-day inspirations to get you in the holiday spirit.

Valentine's Day InspirationEat: Hot Cocoa & marshmallow hearts; Give: Papyrus Wanna Spoon? Card; Paint: Essie’s Leading Lady; Wear: Ann Klein Wrenn Pumps; Craft: DIY Love Struck Place Cards; Decorate: Serena & Lily Persimmon Arrow Rug.

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