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21 Jun

Earlier this week I debuted my repurposed shabby chic tablescape utilizing items from around my apartment. Turning picture frames into unique centerpieces may look simple, but there’s more to it than you think. Here are some tips and steps to follow in order to create a tablescape that is truly eye-catching.


1. Depending on the size and length of your table, begin with an odd number of frames. I had a small circular table so three frames fit perfectly.

2. Variety is important so play with size, shape and color.

3. You want your frames to look mismatched, but coordinated at the same time so try to establish one main color. I went with gold.

4. Add some texture to your frames by framing some fabric. Not only will this add a color to your tablescape, but if you’re using a solid colored tablecloth like I did, the fabric helps to incorporate a pattern.

IMG_6257IMG_62715. In order to create a three-dimensional look, layer your frames on top of one another.

6. Add any votives, candle holders or vases to complete your look.

IMG_6278IMG_6292 By using picture frames that you already own, not only are you saving money  but you’re creating a custom centerpiece that is unique to you and your personal style. repurposed-shabby-chic-table

18 Jun

Recently I’ve been inspired not by a fabulous vase seen in a magazine, but rather by items I already have in my home. I own so many beautiful things, why not put them to good use? This tablescape in particular is definitely one of my favorites. I used three frames from my gallery wall as the centerpiece of this repurposed shabby chic inspired table.

Repurposed shabby chic tableThe largest frame acts as an anchor for the smaller gold ones. By framing a pink scarf I’m able to bring in a pop of color on my ivory canvas. Tall clear glass candleholders add height and ambience while mismatched plates set the shabby chic tone.

Frame tablescape 1I utilized my large bracelet collection by using them as unique napkin rings. I was able to bring in some turquoise with the bracelets to play off those quintessential pink and turquoise shabby chic colors.

Frame Tablescape 2

I cannot wait to use this idea for a large-scale event someday. By reusing three picture frames, an old scarf and some sparkly bracelets I was able to transform some old products into something new.

Votive Inspired

6 Jun

With all the events and weddings that come with the Summer season, I’ve been thinking a lot about votives. The simple clear glass votives used at most events are just fine, but in my opinion, not dressing up your votives is a missed opportunity. These small vessels of light not only provide your table with ambience, but can be a great way to add something  unique to your tablescape. Here are some votives that inspire me. Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.13.54 PM{Etsy Birch Votives}

DIYCandles5 {Sugar & Charm’s DIY Terracotta Votives}

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.13.17 PM {The Olive Tree’s Pink Neon Votives}

concrete-votives1 {Monsterscirus DIY Concrete Votives}

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.13.41 PM{BHLDN’s Strawberry Nectar Votives}

Doggie Style

16 May

This party has not gone to the dogs, but rather celebrates our furry little friends in an upscaled and quirky way. Inspired by my  Banana Peanut Butter Dog Treats, I put together a simple and, of course, budget friendly, dog themed tablescape.IMG_5390Using some plastic dog figurines that I purchased from the toy section of my local convenient store I created a great set of place card holders. All I needed was some primer, gold spray paint and an X-acto knife to transform a little piece of plastic into a classy, but unusual conversation starter. 

Dog Party 1A hot dog seemed like the logical choice for this doggie inspired party, but I upscaled the classic dish  by creating a Banh Mi dog. I put a Vietnamese twist on the hot dog by using pork dogs on a baguette with pickled carrots, cucumber and cilantro. All of this is topped off with some spicy sriracha mayo. Not only do I love the colors on this dish, but the flavors are out of this world. 

Dog Party 2

I put my old school brown paper lunch bags to use by creating “Doggie Bags” for my guests. Using my patterned scissors I cut my brown paper bag in half, adorned it with a paw print stamp and filled it with some delicious sweet potato waffle fries.

Dog Party 3

A Garden Party (in the city)

26 Apr

Now that Spring is here I thought it would be nice to throw a little garden party outside under the sun. However, living on the 20th floor of an apartment building has its disadvantages. My balcony terrace tends to be rather windy this time of year so after some maneuvering I was forced to move my party inside. Nevertheless, here is my garden party, New York City style. IMG_4984IMG_4981Anyone who is willing to spend some extra money can create a beautiful tablescape, but few can do it on a budget. I added some simple elegance by using inexpensive paper doilies to create a table runner and banner. Garden Party 1 Miniature monogrammed potted plants act as place cards and watercress sandwiches are a refreshing treat. No need to spend money on napkin rings when some simple polka dotted ribbon does the trick. Garden Party 2 Homemade buttermilk scones and strawberry preserves act as my something sweet. A teacup is the right vessel for some fresh strawberries and my new ivory lace napkins are the perfect fit for this indoor garden inspired party.

Orange & Mint Tablescape

11 Apr

The gorgeous Summer-like weather we’ve been having in NYC is most certainly a reason to celebrate. I created a relaxed tablescape inspired by my nectarine & mint crostinis.


Using craft paper as a tablecloth not only allows for easy cleanup, but a fun way to assign seats for your guests.

Mint Tablescape 2


An orange Sur La Table Ikat napkin with a stem of mint mimics my nectarine crostinis. A basic wooden clothespin holds everything in place and gives off a rustic feel. Using clothespins is such a simple idea, but it’s those small extra touches that  adds something special to your table. If mint doesn’t work for you, use your favorite flower. I promise that your guests will be very impressed.

Mint Tablescape 1

Crisp green tea infused with mint is the perfect Spring/Summer beverage. This drink paired with my easy to make nectarine, goat cheese and mint crostinis are the perfect way to kick off the Spring season.

Spring Has Sprung

21 Mar

Seeing that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, I was inspired to create some thrifty Easter decor that would not break the bank. I’m proud to say that I spent a total of  $14 on my Spring tablescape. Here’s how.IMG_4325

I got the idea of using bunny ears as place cards from my own bunny (my French Bulldog, Chip) with his little set of bat ears. Why not take advantage of this iconic Easter symbol by putting those vertical ears to good use? I created my place cards by using things I had around the apartment: white closepins, construction paper, scrapbook paper, markers and a hot glue gun.


Simply create a bunny ear stencil of your own like I did or use one of the many templates you can find using our friend Google. Cut out your ears, hot glue them to your closepins so they hold your place card in place. You have complete artistic freedom with your place cards. I personally went with monograms and played with stencils.

IMG_4339Nothing says Spring quite like Daffodils.IMG_4355Besides the flowers, candy and green grass I had everything else in my apartment. A soft linen tablecloth works perfectly for Spring. My recycled candle holder and painted mason jar act as nests for my chocolate eggs. I also reused my St. Patty’s Day paint sample napkin rings as well as my pink paint sample dot confetti.


It may not be the classiest tablescape in the world, but it reflects what Spring means to me. It’s pastel, pretty and playful.

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