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21 Jun

Earlier this week I debuted my repurposed shabby chic tablescape utilizing items from around my apartment. Turning picture frames into unique centerpieces may look simple, but there’s more to it than you think. Here are some tips and steps to follow in order to create a tablescape that is truly eye-catching.


1. Depending on the size and length of your table, begin with an odd number of frames. I had a small circular table so three frames fit perfectly.

2. Variety is important so play with size, shape and color.

3. You want your frames to look mismatched, but coordinated at the same time so try to establish one main color. I went with gold.

4. Add some texture to your frames by framing some fabric. Not only will this add a color to your tablescape, but if you’re using a solid colored tablecloth like I did, the fabric helps to incorporate a pattern.

IMG_6257IMG_62715. In order to create a three-dimensional look, layer your frames on top of one another.

6. Add any votives, candle holders or vases to complete your look.

IMG_6278IMG_6292 By using picture frames that you already own, not only are you saving money  but you’re creating a custom centerpiece that is unique to you and your personal style. repurposed-shabby-chic-table

23 May

DIY Silverware BagSilverware Pouch

1. Begin with an 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch piece of card stock.

2. Measure 5 inches from the right side and fold over.

3. Fold the access card stock over the bottom layer and make a crease. Fold the bottom end up about 1/2 inch and make a crease.

4. Measure 4 inches from the bottom of your bag and draw a line. Cut off everything from the 4 inch line up so you have a place for your silverware to peak out.

5. Use hot glue (or a stapler) so your folds stay put.


I used Martha Stewart stencils to monogram and personalize my silverware bags. Even though my card stock had some great prints on one side, I used some old sheet music to copy one of my favorite songs on the other.

IMG_5588Please note that I measured my bag for plastic silverware and the measurements might be slightly different for real silverware.IMG_5580

Doggie Style

16 May

This party has not gone to the dogs, but rather celebrates our furry little friends in an upscaled and quirky way. Inspired by my  Banana Peanut Butter Dog Treats, I put together a simple and, of course, budget friendly, dog themed tablescape.IMG_5390Using some plastic dog figurines that I purchased from the toy section of my local convenient store I created a great set of place card holders. All I needed was some primer, gold spray paint and an X-acto knife to transform a little piece of plastic into a classy, but unusual conversation starter. 

Dog Party 1A hot dog seemed like the logical choice for this doggie inspired party, but I upscaled the classic dish  by creating a Banh Mi dog. I put a Vietnamese twist on the hot dog by using pork dogs on a baguette with pickled carrots, cucumber and cilantro. All of this is topped off with some spicy sriracha mayo. Not only do I love the colors on this dish, but the flavors are out of this world. 

Dog Party 2

I put my old school brown paper lunch bags to use by creating “Doggie Bags” for my guests. Using my patterned scissors I cut my brown paper bag in half, adorned it with a paw print stamp and filled it with some delicious sweet potato waffle fries.

Dog Party 3

Doily Banner

29 Apr

Doily Banner main photo

What You Need:

Doilies (I used an 8″ and 10″ combination)

Double sided tape

Bakers twine (or any other sort of cord or ribbon you have on hand)

IMG_4874  Doily banner 4 steps

1. Carefully fold over the doily until the pattern lines up perfectly. Only put make a temporary crease as you’re not ready to fold over yet.

2. Once you’ve matched up the doily pattern strategically apply 3-4 small pieces of double-sided tape.

3. Align your twine in the center of your doily.

4. Fold doily in half and press firmly until the tape sticks and pattern matches.

In just a few minutes you’ll have a simple and elegant banner that will bring dozens of compliments your way!


18 Apr

The past few days have been surreal to say the least. My older sister and best friend ran the Boston Marathon this past Monday. It being her first marathon she trained tirelessly for the past five months. She had less than a mile to go when she was told to stop running, but in our eyes she finished. Luckily all of us waiting for her at the finish line were safe and sound. As someone who considers Boston home this week has been more than a struggle. I think we all can use a little love during these confusing times. I heart you Sarah.


Candy hearts in teacup via TheKnottyBride


Felt hearts via RevvingItUp


Twinkling Hearts


Marshmallow Hearts via PolkadotPrints


Heart Banner via LittleEmmaEnglishHome


DIY Napkin Rings

13 Mar


My desire to create something for St. Patrick’s Day without breaking the bank lead me to create these paint sample napkin rings. I know I’ve been a little paint sample obsessed these days, but there’s just so much you can do with these free little color palettes.

IMG_4231I played with a variety of different colored samples and sizes.IMG_4233I cut my napkin ring to be about 3/4 of the original size to get a better overall look. 
Using my Martha Stewart Diamond Ring Pattern All Over Punch I added a little something special to the end of each napkin ring.IMG_4237Using scissors cut a slit halfway up one side of your paint sample. Then do the same on the alternate side cutting in the opposite direction. Once this is done fit the two slits together until they look like the photo above. IMG_4250You can play with length, color and pattern.IMG_4251These napkin rings could work for any occasion  The pattern looks delicate like lace and also childlike like a butterfly. I could see it working from everything from a child’s birthday party to a rustic farm wedding. 

To see more of my paint sample DIY check out:

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All That Glitters is Gold & Pink

20 Dec

IMG_2910Some paper bags, baker’s twine, colored labels and old sheet music made this year’s wrapping inexpensive, easy and eye-catching.

IMG_2916“The Lady Down The Hall” was my least favorite song to sing in voice lessons, but it certainly came in handy for this Secret Santa gift. It’s a good thing that I save every gift bag ever given to me because I reused this green patterned bag to create a tree shaped label. IMG_2924Avery color coding labels bring out my love for both Christmas and polkadots. IMG_2922I don’t care if the glitter sheds everywhere, glitter bows are always the way to go.IMG_2920Bringing  a little nature from the outside inside adds texture and a wonderful pine smell.

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