15 Dec

I love me some large Audrey Hepburnesque eyewear and my new sunglasses go above and beyond! They are gorgeous, unique, funky and most important-huge! They are absolutely fabulous and are designed by Darylynn Ayala, who just happens to be Chip’s dogwalker.

I came home Tuesday night to this display sitting on my dinning room table with a sweet text reading “Choose which ever pair you’d like!”. IMG_2815It must have been exactly how Julia Robert’s felt in Pretty Woman. After a long fashion show where I modeled each pair for Chip, I finally went with the MoMo in Rose.

IMG_2818In a ladylike light rose color they have nice thick rims and funky gold accents on the side.IMG_2817It was a most generous holiday gift so I must pay it forward by giving a rave review of this fierce and fabulous designer. Not only is she an eyewear designer, but also a shoe designer and children’s book author; this woman does it all! Please take a minute to check out her website to view more styles or head to one of these stores to check them out in person. Trust me, soon you’ll see her eyewear line in fashion magazines everywhere. Be a trendsetter and get them now. It’s not too late to add them to your Christmas list!


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