City Escape

20 Jul

The one thing that really drives me crazy about Manhattan is how difficult it is to get off the island. Fleeing NYC during the hot summer months is a must, but being a car-less twenty-five year old makes things very tricky. It is because of this that I only get to travel home about five times a year. With that being said, when I do head home to New Hampshire, I always make the most out of it.{It all began with two things that I can’t get in NYC: A drive in my car and a real New England Dunkin’ coffee}

{Taking in a little nature with a trip to buy flowers with my Dad}

{No more public pools for me! There’s something about laying out next to your own pool and, of course, the rubber ducks that double as chlorine filters}

{My mom’s restaurant quality cooking. She made one of my favorites: bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese!}

{A traditional New England Lopstah dinner!}

{A sister trip to our favorite small town ice cream shop-Mack’s Apples}

{Nothing like some mint patty frozen yogurt!}{We burned off that ice cream with a trip to Boston and a run…well jog/walk around the Charles River}

It’s weekends like this that make me wanna ditch Manhattan’s public transportation and outrageous expenses and move to the suburbs of tax-free NH.

Oh, New Hampshire as long as NYC allows, I’ll be back soon.


One Response to “City Escape”

  1. patinaandcompany July 20, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    That looks like the loveliest weekend. Interesting to picture your NY lifestyle with the weekend getaway . . . and you must pick up your taste and joie de vivre from your parents–the weekend cuisine and pleasures sort of suggest that!

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