A Trip Back

14 Jun

It’s funny how living in Manhattan makes you appreciate the simple things the suburbs have to offer. Going to college in a Connecticut coastal town, I took for granted the nature and beauty that was right at my fingertips. Lounging in a coffee shop or taking a stroll on the beach may not have seemed special back then, but after three years of living in the busiest city in the world those simple activities take on much more meaning.

Last weekend I travled back to my college town of Fairfield, CT. I  always get nostalgic leaving Grand Central Station, but specifically leaving on a train. It’s partly because riding  a train makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time, but mainly because it reminds me of all the afternoons I spent traveling back to Fairfield after interviews and auditions. The city I used to dream of living and working in was my escape from the papers, tests and monotony of college life. Now, three years later, I found myself trying to get away from that very same city and escape to a much simpler life.

12:24: Train arrives in Fairfield

A raspberry mocha from Las Vetas. As many coffee shops as there are in NYC, there are few with vacant space and a quiet atmosphere. No fighting for a seat here. My college roommate and I had an entire couch to ourselves to reminisce and relax.

The Community Theatre where a ticket to the movies was not thirteen, but three dollars. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that many movies are currently playing, but the memories of  Friday movie nights sitting in the balcony  with my friends still remain.

Lunch at Firehouse Deli where you can order a sandwich called a Billy Boy and choose between a side of dill or buttered pickles.

I knew I was lucky to be living on a beach at the age of twenty-two, but never did I appreciate the calmness of the water until this past weekend. I’ll take waking up to the sounds of waves rolling in over the sounds of city construction any day of the week.

3:24pm: Three short hours and I’m back on the train home.

Goodbye Fairfield, thank goodness you’re so close.

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