Vacation Withdrawal

4 Jun

I’ve been to my parent’s condo in Naples a handful of times now, but this time was different. This trip in particular made me realize that there’s more to Naples than cougars, high-rise buildings and expensive cars.

Here are some of the highlights:

Third Street South was chosen by the original settlers of Naples so it is no wonder that it has become my favorite new spot. With Christmas lights lining the streets, bustling restaurants and live music, this old part of town has a distinctive charm unlike any other area of Napels.


Seafood Dinner at Ridgway and peanut butter and jelly gelato for our nightly stroll. 

We stumbled upon this perfect little house while downtown. The bright blue door, shrubbery and white picket fence was a little Leave It To Beaver for me at first, but after a few minutes, I fell in love. I couldn’t help but snoop around for a photo. With all the glitzy condos and hotels I often forget that people actually live in Naples so it was so refreshing to see a true Naples neighborhood.

When we weren’t dining out, we cooked in. For the first time I took advantage of our poolside kitchenette for a little Memorial Day BBQ. After over-indulging on my first corn of the cob of the season (which was delicious) it was time for Daiquiris at sunset.

In between rounds of frisbee and walks on the beach, we took some time to make some new friends.


Lizard:Snapping Turtle:

Although I spent three solid days basking in the sun reading trashy magazines, I was a bit more active on this trip. We spent our beach days taking long walks, playing catch and even had our first parasailing experience. Being suspended from a gigantic parachute 1,200 feet above the water was an absolute blast. I’d say parasailing is the most relaxing way to do something adventurous without having to put out much effort. I got to spend our last day there floating in the air taking in breathtaking views of the coast.

 I’ll be back soon Naples.


One Response to “Vacation Withdrawal”

  1. Lipstick and Chaos June 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    How wonderful!!! So jealous but in a good way!

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