25 May

In just one day I will be here.

{Naples, FL}

In preparation for my trip, here are 3 things I’m most excited to pack.

1. La Roceh Porsay Sunblock

This is perhaps the most important thing to include in my suitcase. I am the biggest advocate for this product. With my fair skin, I get burnt wherever I go, but I can put this little miracle worker on at 10am and am freckly and sun kissed by 4pm without reapplying.

2. My Mexican inspired and brightly colored beach bag

I purchased this bute on South Congress Ave during my trip to Austin. As impractical as the short handle is to carry, the funky style makes it all worth it. It’s big enough to fit my book, trashy magazines, sandals and even some Caronas for the beach! Can’t wait to sport this beachside.

3. White Knit H &M Beach Coverup

I’ve been searching for the perfect knit see-through beach coverup. All the coverups I like most are between &70-$150 which seems completely impractical for something I’m going to get sweaty and sunblocky. As an alternative, I purchased this white knitted shirt from H &M in an extra large size so it fits as a dress. I’m pretty impressed with my savoy purchase for only $24.95.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Ceara May 25, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Love the beach bag! Enjoy your trip!

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