Jump into Spring

17 Mar

Today is throwback day and the subject is jumping rope.

When I was seven I certainly didn’t think of this recess game as cardio, but now it may be the only thing getting me to the gym.

Lately I’ve been stuck in a workout rut. I’m sick of my normal routine and in dire need of a new tactic to get myself motivated. Last week I saw a little girl on the street carrying a jump rope and it got me thinking. After some research I was sold. Jumping rope improves your balance, helps to tone muscle, and burns some serious calories (over 100 in just ten minuets). 

I bought the Valeo brand. The reviews were good and the price was just right.

My jump rope will be arriving in 2-3 business days….I guess that means I have an excuse not to go to the gym until it gets here. Oh well.

One Response to “Jump into Spring”

  1. kascjakwarriors March 19, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    I completely understand the workout rut, in one of those myself right now! I hope your new jumprope helps to get you back at it 🙂

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