In Wonderment

11 Mar

Yesterday I was introduced to C wonder and oh my am I in wonderment….

C Wonder is a retail store brought to you by none other than Tory Burch’s ex-husband, Christoper Burch.

Upon entering this Soho store (located at 72 Spring Street ) we were greated by an adorable DJ who was setting the mood with such tracks as “Ain’t No Mountian High Enough” and Jackson’s 5’s “ABC”. The store was an absolute delight with its’ unique floor dislays and eye-catching patterns for both your home and your wardrobe. Although some of the clothes were a bit too preppy for my taste, the overall theme was right up my ally. The colors were bold, the polka dots were popping, and the prices were just right.

The best part of the store is their attention to detail. There were stereos in each dressing room where you could control the music!

Here are a few things I appreciated most about this perfect preppy haven:

Floral Colored Vespa:

Belted throws and pillow cases:

Hanging teapot lights:

To see more from this store including Spring trends for both your home and your wardrobe, check out Cwonder.com. Trust me, it’s worth the look!


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