Hats off to you

10 Mar


I’m a girl who wears a lot of hats (in life and in my wardrobe).

Whether it be a winter knit cap or a sombreo left over from Cino de Mayo, I must have dozens of different hats. Finding a way to display them all in my apartment has not always been an easy task. Once a month I take a treck through Central Park up to Homegoods (the only one in NYC is on 99th and Columbus so I view my Homegoods treck as that day’s cardio). During my last Homegoods run, I spotted these fantastic hat stands. For $9.99 a pop, I bought them without any hesitation. Not only are they a unique and functional way to display my hats, but they add height and depth to my bedroom.

If you search the web you will find hundreds of different hat stand options, but these are a few sites that might have just what you’e looking for:


One Response to “Hats off to you”

  1. Sarah March 19, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    I love that lampshade. I’m trying to find something like that in orange for our room.

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